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How To Train Your Dragon Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Prepare to fire up your creativity with these 20 How to Train Your Dragon coloring pages, all ready for you to download and print at no cost! These sheets are an awesome resource for parents and educators looking to soar into the captivating world of dragons from the beloved DreamWorks animated movie franchise.

Included in this collection are many illustrations, including the heroic Hiccup, the courageous Astrid, and of course, the legendary Night Fury, Toothless! So, let’s ignite your imagination, take flight, and embark on an exhilarating coloring quest in the dragon-filled world of Berk!

How To Train Your Dragon Coloring Pages Featured Image

To color any of these pages, click on any of the below links or pictures to open the PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you will then have the option to download or print, all for free!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With How To Train Your Dragon Coloring Pages

Everyone loves that fun and fearless fantasy series, How to Train Your Dragon.

Here are some terrific crafts you can do with those finished coloring pages.

1. Dragon Flies Away

You can use a coloring page to make an airborne decoration based on this fun, animated series.

Once a dragon with its full wingspan is colored and cut out, place it on a large piece of poster board and trace around the cutout, adding about 3 inches to its circumference.

Glue the body of the dragon cutout to the poster board, leaving the wings free. Bend them up, folding them once, diagonally.

Punch a small hole in each wing about an inch from the end. Hang up the artwork, and it will look just like a model airplane, only it’s a dragon! 

2. Dragon of the Year

To make this adorable craft, cut the finished Dragon out in separate pieces, such as its head, wings, and body.

Laminate these to an empty paper towel cardboard, wrapping the body around the roll itself and gluing the wings and feet to stick out from behind. 

Place the head cutout on top, glued in the front. Create a makeshift crown from yellow construction paper, and add wiggle eyes and a red puffy paint tongue. 

Glue the back of the roll to a square of poster board, and write “Dragon of the Year” underneath for cute 3D artwork.

3. Make a Unique Party Blowout

To make this hilarious craft, use an empty bathroom tissue cardboard, and glue a large handful of streamers to one end from the inside.

Carefully laminate the roll with pieces of the finished coloring page. At the top, add pom-poms to which wiggle eyes have been glued to create big, bulging eyes.

When the youngster blows through the roll, the streamers will fan out to create the illusion of a fire-breathing dragon!

4. Dragon Sends a Hug

You can use a How to Train Your Dragon coloring page to make a one-of-a-kind greeting card. This requires cutouts from more than one page, though.

When the character is cut from the finished page, it should be folded in half and placed in the crease of a homemade card made from construction paper or poster board.

Then, using only the wings from a separate coloring page, glue these to the back of each half of the card so that when it opens, an impressive wingspan unfolds.

It will seem like the card is a Dragon giving the recipient a hug.

5. Dragon Egg Craft

This craft is surprisingly simple and fun and makes a great classroom activity. Start by giving each student a plastic egg that breaks apart, like those used at Easter.

Next, the children should cut their dragons from the finished pages and fold them accordion-style, with the base glued to the inside of the egg’s bottom half.

The top edge should be glued into the underside of the egg’s lid, and when opened, the dragon will unfold in a hilarious way, as if hatching!

6. Make a Magical Mobile

Three or four cutouts from finished coloring pages are needed for this craft, and all should be colored differently.

Using invisible thread, each dragon should be hung from a craft circle or embroidery hoop at different levels.

When the hoop is hung up, the invisible thread will make it appear as if the dragons in the mobile are suspended in midair by magic.

7. A Comical Craft

Start this easy craft by having the youngsters cut out their dragons and carefully divide them into two sections; one with the back end and tail, and the other, the head and the wings.

Use colorful construction paper to make a long accordion-style “body.” This should be attached on either end to the two halves of the dragon.

When popsicle sticks are attached to the back of the dragon cutouts at either end, they could be pulled apart to make it look as if the Dragon’s body is extending in a hilarious way.

8. Paper Chain Dragon

Begin this craft by having the child make a long paper chain and set it aside. 

Then, using the finished coloring page, glue the cutout of the head to one end of the paper chain and its tail to the other.

Attach a long craft stick to the back of the head cutout, and the youngster can use it to “fly” the dragon through the air like a kite!

9. Dragons in the Garden

For this outstanding craft, cut an ordinary paper plate in half, and turn it so that the arc is at the top.

The dragon cutout from the finished page can then be glued to the plate, using the pieces separately or using the page in its entirety. 

It can be embellished with glitter, wiggle eyes, a funny mouth, or anything the child desires.

When a colorful craft stick is attached to the back, it can be used as a garden decoration, in a flower arrangement, or anywhere you like.

10. Dragon Handprint Fun

Start this easy craft by having the youngster make a row of horizontal handprints across a white poster board with finger paint.

The “finger” sections of the handprints will look just like dragon scales. 

Using the head and the tail of the finished coloring page, complete the picture. You will have to look twice to see that the dragon’s body is actually handprints!

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