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Numberblocks Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to “count on some fun” with these 20 Numberblocks coloring pages, free for you to download and print! Numberblocks offer an entertaining and educational way for young minds to explore numbers, making them fantastic subjects to color and learn at the same time!

In this set, you’ll encounter a range of Numberblocks characters, including One, Two, Three, up to Twenty, and even some higher-numbered blocks like One Hundred! Also featured are scenes where Numberblocks are stacking, splitting, and solving math puzzles, just to name a few!

numberblocks coloring pages feature image

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print as many pages as you like.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Numberblocks Coloring Pages

Numberblocks are colorful and exciting for children of all ages.

Here are some inexpensive, fun crafts your youngster can do with those finished pages.

1. Dress Up a Coat Rack

Square-style coat racks are perfect for this craft since they are column-shaped.

Your child can enjoy cutting out all his or her favorite Numberblocks and these can be used to laminate the coat rack.

They may need to be trimmed, but they will fit perfectly up and down the column. 

Craft glue works best for this fun activity, but don’t forget to seal in the artwork with one coat of acrylic spray.

2. Make a Numberblocks Costume

If you have a child who wishes he or she could be a Numberblock, this craft is perfect. 

Much easier than you might think, it begins with giving the youngster a giant cardboard box.

Cut a hole at the top for the head and one for each arm so that the child can “wear” the box.

The box can then be laminated with the finished coloring pages, and the child now has a unique homemade Numberblocks costume.

3. Design a Numberblocks Mascot

This fun craft is a great classroom activity, during which the youngsters can create their own Numberblocks mascot.

Give each child a long craft stick in which to glue Numberblocks characters cut from the finished coloring pages. 

These can be glued to the craft stick vertically, with the one on the top embellished as a unique character.

The youngster can add wiggle eyes, bowties, hats, hair, or any other fun embellishment to make the character real.

4. Make a Colorful Poster

Start this craft by giving the child a square piece of posterboard in a bright color.

Next, when four separate Numberblocks characters have been colored and cut out, one should be glued to each corner of the poster to signify the four sides of the square.

Then, have the child complete a math problem in real-time right in the poster’s center!

These can be hung in a classroom, the youngster’s bedroom, or anywhere desired.

5. Laminate a Toybox

If your child has a toybox in which dolls, trucks, games, or other items are kept, Numberblocks coloring pages can be used to make it extra colorful.

The characters can be cut out, or the pages can be left in their entirety, depending on the child’s preference.

Use wood glue or invisible glue to attach the pages or cutouts, and seal the artwork with acrylic spray.

It may even motivate your child to put away his or her toys!

6. Make a Colorful Decoration

This craft is easy and fun for young children and even helps with the development of their motor skills!

Give the youngsters strips of cardstock or posterboard and have them fold them into squares.

Then, the finished pages can be used to laminate the blocks with those colorful “number personalities.”

When finished, they can be stacked on a desk at home or at school in one of the many popular number block patterns to bring this learning tool to life.

7. Make a One-of-a-Kind Garden Decoration

All you need for this fun craft is some rubber cement or craft glue and an ordinary cinder block.

The cinder block can be laminated with Numberblock characters. Use waterproof acrylic spray to seal the artwork.

Place this colorful creation in your garden, using the spaces in between for flowers or plants!

8. Classroom Pyramid Game

For this engaging craft, give each youngster a small square box to laminate with his or her favorite Numberblock characters.

Make sure all the boxes are roughly the same size. Invisible glue is best for this craft.

The children can embellish their work by adding yarn hair, wiggle eyes, and funny mouths made with puffy paint.

When finished, the blocks can be used to create a giant pyramid that the youngsters can have fun toppling over with a Nerf ball.

9. Make a Comical Numberblocks Tower

This classroom craft is a terrific group activity, provided you have an old filing cabinet that it’s okay to embellish.

The idea is to turn the filing cabinet into a “tower” made with Numberblocks!

Youngsters can have fun coloring and cutting out the various characters, and each one should be laminated onto a large square of colorful paper.

When these are “stacked up” on either side of the filing cabinet, it will look like a funny Numberblocks tower.

10. Create a Colorful Desktop Organizer

Numberblocks coloring pages can be used to make a colorful desktop organizer for markers, crayons, paper fasteners, or any small objects.

The key is to make boxes of all different heights by laminating thin cardboard with characters from the coloring pages and folding them into square or rectangular shapes.

Once finished, these can be taped to a piece of cardstock to give them a “bottom,” and items can be stored inside.

They can be taped to the cardstock in a straight row, a square, a diagonal, or anything the youngster desires.

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