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Bugatti Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Rev up your creativity with these 22 Bugatti coloring pages, free for you to download and print! Bugatti cars, known for their jaw-dropping speed and luxurious design, provide an exhilarating subject to color, capturing the essence of both elegance and performance.

In this collection, you’ll find various Bugatti models, including the world-famous Veyron, the luxurious Chiron, and the ultra-exclusive Divo. Scenes feature Bugattis on racetracks, cruising scenic roads, and even some concept cars for future imaginations. Grab your coloring tools, and get ready to bring these speed machines to life!

To start coloring, click on any of the below images or links to open the free PDF. Once opened, you can then download or print as many pages as you like.

All of the below pages are on US letter-sized paper, but they also scale perfectly onto A4 paper too! Happy coloring!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Bugatti Coloring Pages

Bugatti coloring pages can be put to many good uses.

If your child has some finished pages and is wondering what to do with them, try these fun crafts.

1. Bugatti Convention

This fun classroom craft should be completed in groups of six or seven. Give each group a large piece of poster board and have them use a ruler to create a “parking lot.”

They can glue on popsicle sticks as the cement barriers seen in actual parking lots. Next, twist black pipe cleaners into spirals and add white pom-poms at the top to make terrific streetlights.

When their Bugatti automobiles are colored and cut out, one can be added to each space in the parking lot for a one-of-a-kind poster. 

Each group can have fun comparing their artwork with the others.

2. Give The Bugatti Passengers

Begin this fun craft by having the youngsters cut out their finished Bugattis from the page and glue them to a colorful background of cardstock.

Make sure to only glue around the two sides and the bottom edge, however, leaving a “pocket” at the top.

Then, have the youngsters draw and cut out their favorite celebrities or even a king and queen! These can be tucked in the pocket to appear as if they are riding in the car.

Display this adorable artwork anywhere.

3. Make Unique Counterchange Art

For this engaging craft, give each child a piece of black construction paper positioned horizontally and have them draw a broken line across the middle to depict a divided highway.

Next, they should color two Bugattis using a counterchange pattern. 

This is done by using one color for the car’s background and another to add a design, then reversing the color combination for the second car.

One car should then be glued to the top half of the paper, heading to the right, and the other to the bottom, headed to the left, for a unique piece of framable artwork.

4. Night Time Road Trip

For this unique craft, give each child a piece of dark blue cardstock or construction paper to decorate with a night scene.

They can trace and cut out stars, add glitter for the Milky Way, and a moon can be cut from white construction paper and embellished with silver glitter.

White chalk can be used to outline a road, to which the Bugatti can be glued when cut from the finished page. 

Yellow puffy paint makes a finishing touch as “light” from the car’s headlights! 

5. Saving for a Dream Car

This easy craft is perfect for youngsters of all ages, and each child should have an empty plastic soda bottle to begin.

The label should be soaked off, and the bottle should be decorated with squares of construction paper, craft paint, or a simple layer of glitter.

Cut a slit in the top of the bottle big enough to put coins or currency through, and let the youngsters decorate the sides with cutouts from the finished Bugatti coloring pages.

It’s never too early to start saving for a dream car!

6. Tow Truck Fun

Even expensive cars break down, and this comical craft showcases this in a hilarious way. 

When the youngsters have colored their Bugattis, the entire car should be glued to cardboard and cut out, with the wheels cut separately from the rest of the car.

The wheels should then be reattached with paper fasteners so that they turn. Then, staple a piece of yarn or string to the front of the car.

This can be tied to any toy truck or car, and the Bugatti can be pulled along as if it’s being towed to the shop!

7. Fender Bender

This comical craft is fun and easy and requires two cutouts from finished Bugatti coloring pages. Youngsters can even team up in pairs if they like. 

To begin, color two cars that can face each other head-on when cut out. Then, fold up the front inch of each Bugatti accordion-style, as if they got crunched in an accident.

Move them to a piece of poster board, facing each other to depict a fender bender.

For extra fun, tape a Band-Aid over the point of impact for hilarious artwork to display anywhere.

8. Candy Coated Bugatti

This fun craft is great for any age child. When the Bugatti is colored, the youngster should decorate it with candy and other treats.

Round peppermints are perfect for tires, nonpareils make great steering wheels, and a piece of licorice is ideal for a tailpipe.

Decorate the page with a border of Froot Loops or jujubes for a terrific finishing touch.

9. Dangerous Heights

Make this fun craft by having the youngsters draw a tall mountain on an ordinary piece of poster paper. If they like, they can make a background behind the mountain as well.

Next, when the Bugatti is colored and cut out, make a small hole in its center.

The cutout should be attached to the mountain peak with a paper fastener and clear thread attached to either end of the car.

When the threads are pulled, it will look like the car is stuck on the mountain, rocking back and forth!

10. Classroom Fun WIth  Bugattis

To make this colorful classroom craft, have each youngster finish and cut out a Bugatti, making it as colorful as possible.

Have the youngsters glue their cutouts onto long craft sticks, stacking three to four on each stick vertically.

The bottoms of the craft sticks should be glued together, pinwheel style, and this big, colorful wheel can be displayed on the wall!

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