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Pocoyo Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to hop into a world of fun with these 24 Pocoyo coloring pages that are completely free to download and print! Pocoyo, the curious toddler dressed in blue, is loved by children across the globe for his innocent curiosity and his playful spirit, making him an ideal subject for coloring!

For this series, I illustrated Pocoyo and his colorful companions, like the ever-loyal Pato, the enchanting Elly, Roberto, Loula, and the adorable sleepy bird, to name a few! If you are a teacher or parent looking for a creative activity that kids will love, these printables are sure to fit the bill for providing tons of fun!

Pocoyo Coloring Pages Featured Image

To start coloring, you can click on any of the below images or links. This will then open the PDF on a new page, which can then be downloaded or printed. You can also save these PDFs for digital coloring on an iPad or iPhone!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Pocoyo Coloring Pages

The lighthearted and friendly Pocoyo character is appealing to youngsters of all ages.

Here are some terrific crafts to do with Pocoyo and his friends when those coloring pages need a permanent home.

1. Pocoyo Ferris Wheel

For this surprisingly simple craft, push an empty paper towel cardboard into a styrofoam square. 

Next, let the youngster trace and cut out Ferris wheel seats from construction paper.

These should be attached to the middle of the cardboard roll with pipe cleaners, which  looks just like a real Ferris wheel.

Pocoyo and his friends can then be colored and cut from various pages and glued behind the Ferris wheel seats, making it look as if they’re taking a ride!

2. Pocoyo Key Rings

Pocoyo keyrings are easy and fun to make, and they’re perfect gifts for mom or dad.

When the Pocoyo character is colored and cut from the page, the youngster should seal it in contact paper or glassine.

A hole can be punched at the top through which a small craft chain can be placed. To make it extra fancy, initial beads can be added for a personal touch.

3. Pocoyo’s  Playhouse

This unique craft is amazingly simple. Give the youngsters small cardboard boxes, and have them line them with tin foil.

Their finished Pocoyo characters should be glued to cardboard and cut out.

The cutouts should then be glued to the back “wall” of the box with a layer of cotton in between to give it a 3D appearance.

Tiny craft toys can then be used to decorate the “floor” of the playhouse. When you look inside the box, you see Pocoyo having fun with his toys.

4. Pocoyo Napkin Holder

This adorable craft only requires glue, cardboard, and Pocoyo coloring pages.

Using a stiff piece of cardboard, have the youngster bend it into the shape of a classic tabletop napkin holder. A coat of acrylic spray keeps it stiff but is not a must. 

When your youngster has finished coloring two Pocoyo pages, the characters should be cut out and one glued to either side of the holder.

Contact paper can be used to seal in the artwork, and you have an adorable napkin holder that will last indefinitely.

5. Happy Birthday From Pocoyo 

Start this great birthday craft by having the youngster cut out three small balloons from colorful construction paper.

Next, let the child trace and cut out the number of the upcoming birthday.

All the cutouts should then be glued to a separate piece of construction paper, turned vertically, and pipe cleaners used as “strings” for the balloons.

The idea is to make it look as if Pocoyo is holding balloons to celebrate the child’s birthday. This delightful art can be framed and displayed for the youngster’s party.

6. Puffy Paint Pocoyo 

A coloring page featuring a full-size Pocoyo character standing up is perfect for this craft.

Once the page is colored, puffy blue paint should be used to trace the character to give it a three-dimensional look. Flesh-toned paint can be used to trace the face and hands.

Black pom-poms or buttons are perfect for the eyes, and a small piece of black pipe cleaner can be used to create a smiling mouth. 

The artwork can be preserved in glassine and hung on a refrigerator or door.

7. Pocoyo’s Garden

For this craft, let the child color Pocoyo and a few friends, like Pato and Elly, cutting the characters out and gluing them to ordinary paper plates when finished. 

Add glitter to the paper plates before gluing on the cutouts, or make a border of colorful pom-poms around the plates’ circumference.

Each plate should be attached to a wooden craft stick and placed in a styrofoam square that’s been painted with green craft paint.

This cute “garden” can then be used as a centerpiece or decoration anywhere you like.

8. Make Pocoyo Cupcake Toppers

To make adorable Pocoyo cupcake toppers, have the youngsters trace a flower on bright construction paper, gluing it to thin cardboard before cutting it out.

Pocoyo should be cut from the finished coloring page and glued to the flower’s center. 

The cutout should then be attached to a small craft stick or popsicle stick, and it’s ready to use as a cupcake topper. 

A different flower and Pocoyo cutout can be used for each topper the child makes!

9. Driving Along With Pocoyo & Friends

This craft is fun as a group activity and begins with having the children draw the front of a car as if it’s coming toward them.

Glue the car to poster board, leaving space to slide something behind its “windshield.” Next, have the youngsters color Pocoyo and some friends if they like, and cut them out.

They can be slid down behind the windshield section of the car, making it look as if Pocoyo and his friends are taking a drive!

10. Now Starring Pocoyo 

Begin this craft by having the youngster cut out a large star from some yellow poster board.

The child should color one Pocoyo character for each of the star’s points and glue them fast.

Next, a handle for the star should be cut from thin cardboard, and the center of the star should be loosely attached to it with a paper fastener.

When the child pulls it through the air, the star will spin, whirling Pocoyo and his friends in a circle!

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