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Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

On this page, you will find 32 Mickey Mouse coloring pages that are all free to print and download! For this series, I created a wide variety of Mickey Mouse illustrations, including simple ones for young kids, more detailed ones for adults, Mickey with other iconic Disney characters, plus many more!

These printables are great for many uses, including a free, fun, and easy craft activity, party decorations for a Disney-themed party, wall art for a classroom or bedroom, placemats, party banners, and tons more creative uses!

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To get started, click on any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF coloring sheet in a new tab. From there, you are free to download, print, or even color digitally on an iPad.

All of these coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes too! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages

Mickey Mouse is a big hit wherever he goes, and this is definitely true with coloring pages.

Here are some terrific ways to use these coloring sheets!

1. Create an Original Greeting Card

Since almost everybody likes Mickey Mouse, what could be better for a homemade greeting card? 

Start this craft by coloring the page, including the background. Red or medium blue make nice backgrounds for Mickey Mouse.

Once the page is complete, it can be stapled to a blank page on which the child can write his or her greeting. 

A second Mickey Mouse coloring page can then be used for the back cover!

2. Make Homemade Mickey Mouse Ears

Mickey Mouse ears are famous worldwide, and they are easy to make from coloring pages. 

They can be created in any desired size and made to look real simply by coloring a pink circle surrounded by a black circle.

The children can then make a paper hat from newspaper and glue the Mickey Mouse ears on the front for an easy way to preserve them and wear them whenever the mood strikes!

3. Mickey and Minnie Mobile

A mobile is a fun craft for kids of all ages, and any child would love having a Mickey and Minnie Mouse mobile in his or her room.

An embroidery hoop of any desired size can be used to anchor the mobile, and when the characters are cut out, they can be hung from a thread at different lengths. 

Large cutouts can be used if the child wants only 4 or 5, or small ones can be used for a more intricate mobile featuring lots of cutouts. 

4. Make a Cute Homemade Housewarming Gift

Mickey and Minnie Mouse salt shakers make a great housewarming gift, and they are very easy to make. All you need are a set of salt and pepper shakers and the coloring pages.

Make sure the proper size coloring page characters are selected, cut out the finished work, and use gorilla glue to attach them to the shakers.

The finished work can be protected with acrylic spray, and you have an adorable homemade housewarming gift.

5. Make a Friendly Welcome Sign

What could be more welcoming than Mickey Mouse? For this reason, a Mickey coloring page is a great choice for a home’s welcome sign.

When the child finishes the coloring page, it can be left intact and super-glued to a piece of corkboard of the same size.

A small hole should be drilled for a string or chain, and the homemade sign can be hung on the front door to welcome everyone!

6. Design a Disney Scrapbook

If your child has visited Disney Land or Disney World, he or she will have a great time making a Disney scrapbook.

This can be done with construction paper, poster board paper, or your child may prefer a blank book from a store.

Mickey coloring pages can be used for the front and back covers of the scrapbook.

The blank pages in between can feature anything your child chooses to remind him or her of that great trip to Disney.

7. Ornament for a Flower Arrangement

Mickey Mouse is an ideal character to decorate a flower arrangement with. When the page is finished, Mickey should be cut out and glued to a thick piece of cardboard.

A wooden knitting needle or extra-long craft stick can then be attached to the cutout and placed in a flower arrangement as an added decorative touch.

Black, red, and yellow ribbons can be tied around the neck of the vase to embellish the theme.

8. Decals for Crocs or Beach Sandals

Once Mickey Mouse is colored and cut out, he can be attached to the top of the shoe. For a fun pair of Crocs, put Mickey on one side and Minnie on the other!

Laminating them with acrylic spray is vital, so make sure this is done to preserve the design.

Although they won’t last forever, they will be a lot of fun for kids of any age to make and wear.

9. Make a Cake Top Decoration

To complete this craft, cut two red hearts out of poster paper and staple them together on the top and the sides. 

After two Mickey Mouse figures are colored, they should be cut out and glued to either side of the heart.

A long craft stick should then be slid in between the two hearts with a bit of glue on either side of its top. 

Pinch the two pieces together to adhere the craft stick to the hearts, and place the bottom end of the stick in a birthday cake for a great cake top decoration. 

10. Make a Mickey Mouse Puppet

Glue black felt around an empty paper towel cardboard and cut out the individual parts of the finished coloring page. 

Mickey’s body and head should be pasted to the front of the cardboard. 

Small slits should then be cut at the bottom of each ear to stick them onto the top of the cardboard.

The arms are then glued to the back of the roll and bent around to be glued in the front. The youngsters can put the roll on their fingers to make Mickey jump around.

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