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Disney Christmas Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Step into a magical holiday wonderland with these 24 Disney Christmas coloring pages, available for you to download and print entirely for free! With these sheets, you will be transported into a festive realm where beloved Disney characters come to life, one page at a time!

Within this set, you’ll encounter moments like Mickey and Minnie Mouse sharing warm cocoa, Goofy dressed as Santa Claus delivering presents, iconic Christmas-themed Disney princesses, Stitch dressed as the Grinch, plus many others that you can see below!

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To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Disney Christmas Coloring Pages

The magic of Christmas is not complete without Disney.

If your youngster has finished lots of Disney Christmas coloring pages, try these easy, affordable craft ideas.

1. Disney Christmas Tree

This innovative craft begins with the youngster cutting various characters from the finished coloring pages, and stapling them to toothpicks.

Next, have the child cut a tree shaped triangle from green posterboard, adding a yellow construction paper star to the top. 

Then, tiny slits should be cut into the triangle in a cohesive pattern. Slide the toothpicks into the openings and the youngster has a great Disney Christmas tree to display on any wall!

2. Easy Mittens Craft

To make this fun craft, have the child cut two Disney Christmas characters from the finished coloring pages and embellish them with puffy paint, craft gems, wiggle eyes, or glitter.

Then, the child should trace and cut out two mittens from colorful posterboard, adding ribbons at the top so they can be hung up.

Decorate the mittens with snowflakes, stars, or any little adornments the youngster chooses to cut from ordinary construction paper.

The Disney Christmas cutouts should then be glued to the centers, and this pair of “mittens” can be displayed anywhere.

3. Make a Gift Card Holder

Disney Christmas coloring pages are perfect for making gift card holders. Start with an ordinary piece of posterboard, four inches wide and five inches long.

Have the youngster decorate both sides with cutouts from the finished coloring pages. Invisible glue works best for this.

Then, cut four slits inside at the appropriate measurements for a gift card, and fold it in half, horizontally.

The child now has an adorable Disney gift card holder to use for the holidays.

4. Create a Homemade Ornament

Start this craft by having the youngster fold a piece of flocked paper into a tall, square shape.

Glitter can then be added to a coffee filter, and this can be molded around the bottom and secured with a rubber band.

All four sides can then be decorated with cutouts from the finished coloring pages,  and a ribbon or pipe cleaner added so it can be hung up.

Drop a battery operated tea light inside for a wonderful Christmas ornament.

5. Unique Stained-Glass Artwork

Children of all ages enjoy this colorful craft and it’s easy to make.

Choosing a favorite Disney coloring page, have the youngster decorate the white areas of the page with tiny squares cut from construction paper in multiple colors.

Then, black pipe cleaners can be used to “outline” the main characters on the page.

When framed, it will look surprisingly similar to stained glass!

6. Mickey Mouse Peppermint

To begin this craft, have the youngster draw two large peppermints on white cardstock, freehand. All that’s needed for this is a red magic marker.

These should be glued to a posterboard background, at the appropriate width to accommodate the character from the coloring page.

When cut out, Mickey should be glued between the peppermint ears, and Christmas candies used to create a frame.

For extra fun, glue a licorice whip or cinnamon stick to Mickey’s hand and display this cute Christmas poster anywhere.

7. Fun With Folded Art

This type of craft is popular with all children, and requires only some straws and a piece of styrofoam.

Youngsters can color as many Disney Christmas characters as desired, but when cut out, they should be folded in the shape of a fan, from top to bottom.

Then, using a hole punch, a hole should be made in the folded artwork so that a straw can be threaded from top to bottom.

When the artwork is unfolded, it features a crinkly, 3D look, and when the straws are stuck into a square of styrofoam, a delightful declaration is the result.

8. Create Colorful Disney Paper Chains

This old favorite with the new twist is perfect for any age child, and begins with the youngsters making several paper chains, using a two-color pattern for each one.

Then, when they have cut out various characters from the Disney Christmas coloring pages, the chains can be stapled to the bottom of the cutouts.

When yarn is added to the top, these unique paper chains can be displayed as hanging ornaments to add a finishing touch to holiday decor.

9. Make a Disney Tree Topper

Any cutout from a Disney Christmas coloring page can be used for this great craft. 

The youngster should embellish the finished page with things like glitter, craft buttons, metallic paint, and even candies or pieces of macaroni.

The page should then be glued in its entirety to a piece of thin cardboard with invisible glue.

When this is folded into a cone shape, and a paper star stapled to the top, it becomes a terrific Disney tree topper!

10. Design Homemade Knickknacks

Begin this craft by having the youngsters paint some ordinary foam cups red and green with craft paint.

Then, the characters should be cut from the finished coloring pages, and sealed in contact paper. Toothpicks should be stapled to the backs of the cutouts.

When they are pierced down into the foam cups, which should be positioned upside down, the result is adorable Christmas knick knacks to display anywhere!

Lauren salsbury

Sunday 17th of December 2023

I love you coloring pages!

Monday Mandala Team

Monday 18th of December 2023

Thanks for the kind comment Lauren and glad you are enjoying the sheets! If you ever have an idea for some Christmas content, please let us know :)

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