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Elemental Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Embark on a magical journey with these 20 Elemental coloring pages, free for you to download and print! If you or your young one fell in love with this Pixar movie, these pages offer a canvas for you to explore the chemistry between fire element Ember Lumen and water element Wade Ripple.

In this set, you’ll come across the main characters like Wade, Ember, and Clod, along with pages of Element City, where water, fire, earth, and air live alongside each other. Also included are illustrations of Gale Cumulus, Fern Grouchwood, Bernie Lumen, and Lake Ripple, to name a few!

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While these coloring pages can make for an entertaining, free, and crafty activity, they can also double as party decorations or a rainy day screen-free arts project. You could even print these off and use them as wall art or wallpaper for a kid’s bedroom!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Elemental Coloring Pages

Elemental is an engaging kid’s movie that depicts various elements of nature in a fun way.

If your youngster has colored lots of these pages and is wondering what to do with them, try these innovative and inexpensive crafts.

1. Build a Bonfire

Ember is a well-loved personality from Elemental, and this unique character is perfect for this craft.

The youngster can start by gluing three popsicle sticks together in a crisscross pattern to depict a small base for a fire. They can be painted brown to look realistic.

Then, when Ember is colored and cut out, he can be placed just behind the sticks as if springing to fiery life.

Glue the entire ensemble to a small piece of poster board, and the child can add wiggle eyes and a big pipe cleaner mouth for an adorable, lifelike craft.

2. Clod and the Earthworm

The youngster can start this craft by coloring or painting an ordinary white paper plate blue.

Then, squares of green construction paper or tufts of green tissue paper should be added in a different section. This color pattern makes it look like planet Earth. 

A gummy worm can then be glued to one of the green sections with krazy glue as if he’s working his way through the grass.

When Clod is cut from the finished page and glued to the circle, it will look like he’s “catching” the worm!

3. Elements Under the Umbrella

This engaging craft is terrific as a classroom activity and begins with having each youngster color and cut out a giant umbrella from a sturdy poster board.

Next, they should color at least four of the different elements from the movie and carefully cut out each one, punching holes at the top.

A row of holes should be punched along the rim of the umbrella too, and then, using colorful yarn or embroidery thread, attach the Elemental characters.

When hung up, it appears as if the umbrella is taking the characters on a ride through the air.

4. Brighten Up the Classroom

For another excellent classroom activity, have each youngster trace and cut out a leaf. These don’t need to be fancy.

Then, when their Elemental coloring pages are finished, the characters should be cut out and glued to the center of the leaves.

Finally, string the leaves together with colorful yarn and display them in the classroom for a burst of color.

5. Make a Comical Ember Ornament

To make this hilarious ornament, have the youngster cut Ember from the finished page and glue him around an empty bathroom tissue cardboard.

Big green pom-poms can be added for eyes, and two tiny black pom-poms can be added as nostrils. These should be positioned so that it looks as if one end of the roll is Ember’s mouth.

Then, yellow and orange streamers should be glued inside the “mouth” to make it look like Ember’s breathing fire. Hang this hilarious ornament anywhere.

6. Wade Ripple Makes a Splash

Wade Ripple is also a fun character in the Elemental movie, and he signifies water. 

This fun craft begins with coloring and cutting out this character and gluing it to the center of a “raindrop,” traced and cut from a piece of blue construction paper.

Next, using an empty plastic soda bottle, have the youngster fill it with water and dye the water blue with food coloring.

Then, glue the cutout to the front of the bottle for an adorable desktop ornament featuring Wade. 

7. Rain Cloud

Another fun craft to do with Elemental coloring pages is creating a “rain cloud.”

Use a dark blue piece of poster board as a backdrop, and have the youngster create a cloud with white cotton balls.

Next, four large raindrops should be traced and cut from light blue construction paper and “hung” from the cloud with lengths of string.

Use cutouts from the Elemental coloring pages to decorate each raindrop with a different character. Hang this adorable ornament in a doorway.

8. Fire Crown

Start this fun craft by making a circle to fit the child’s head from a simple cardboard strip.

Then, using red, orange, and yellow construction paper, have the youngster trace and cut out three “flames,” in large, medium, and small.

These can be placed over each other to create a 3D flame to attach to the headband. 

Glue the Ember cutout to the flame’s center for a terrific Elemental crown!

9. Four Elements as Art

To make this intriguing poster, the child should use four cutouts from the finished coloring pages. 

The Elemental characters symbolizing earth, water, fire, and air are perfect. A continuous arrow should be drawn around the border of the poster like a frame.

Then, one of the cutouts should be glued to each of the corners, as if one element is changing into the next in the direction of the arrow, for a unique and colorful poster.

10. Fire Hydrant Fun

Start this engaging craft with an empty two-liter plastic soda bottle painted red with craft paint.

Then, using two cutouts from the finished coloring pages, decorate one side with a character depicting water and the other with one depicting fire.

Use gorilla tape to attach an old garden hose nozzle or the top part of a spray bottle to create the illusion of a fire extinguisher.

Youngsters will have tons of fun playing with this cute toy.

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