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Bat Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Get ready to take flight in the night sky with these 20 bat coloring pages, free for you to download and print! Whether doing a classroom project or a fun Halloween activity, bats make for an engaging animal to color due to their important roles in ecosystems and popularity in movies and TV shows!

In this set, you’ll find different types of bats, like the fruit bat, the vampire bat, and the brown bat, just to name a few! Also included are cute kawaii bats for kids to color, detailed bats, Halloween-themed bats, bats flying under the moonlight, bats hanging upside down, plus many others that you can see below!

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To start coloring in any of these pictures, you can click any of the below images or links, which will open the PDF file on a new page. Once opened, you can then download and print as many times as you like!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Bat Coloring Pages

Bats are fun, scary, and fascinating all in one, and youngsters love coloring them.

Here are some terrific ways to put those coloring pages to good use.

1. Make Adorable Hanging Ornaments

For this cute craft, fold the top of an empty bathroom tissue roll into itself so that two points are created at the top. 

Laminate it with black construction paper or spray it black with craft paint.

Once the youngster has colored and cut out the bat, it should be glued around the roll. Add big wiggle eyes, and attach two pipe cleaners to the bottom. 

Bend the ends of the pipe cleaners into hooks, and these adorable bats can be hung upside down wherever the youngster chooses.

2. Spooky Artwork

Start this exciting and engaging craft by giving each youngster a piece of black construction paper and have them add a white paper “moon” to the top corner.

White pom-poms or cotton balls can be glued to the bottom edge to look like snow. 

Then, have the youngsters collect some tiny twigs from which to fashion “trees.” Attach these to the paper with krazy glue. 

The tree branches can then be decorated with bats from the finished coloring pages for some spooky 3D artwork.

3. Make a Halloween Candy Container

If your youngster goes trick-or-treating, a container to collect all those goodies can be made from bat coloring pages.

Use a large plastic cup and have the youngster laminate it with cutouts from the finished pages.

To make it extra fun, wings can be traced and cut from black construction paper and taped to the sides of the container so that they stick out.

Add wiggle eyes to the bat’s face, and attach a black pipe cleaner as a handle. Your youngster will love this spooky trick-or-treat container.

4. A Frighteningly Funny Bat Web

Who says webs are just for spiders? Youngsters love this fun craft in which the bat has its own web!

Using stretchy spiderweb fabric found at any novelty store, have the youngsters fashion makeshift webs and attach them to a piece of black posterboard with invisible glue.

Once several bats are colored and cut out, they can be glued to the “web” at various angles.

 To make this extra fun, add a fake craft spider to the web, as if the bat caught the spider.

5. Funny Halloween Decoration

This cute Halloween decoration is easy for any age child. Once the youngsters have colored their bats, they should be cut out with the wings separate from the body.

A big black pom-pom should be glued to the body, and then the wings reattached with a few dots of krazy glue placed between the body cutout and the pom-pom.

For a finishing touch, add wiggle eyes to the pom-pom. Staple a piece of black string to the pom-pom, and this great Halloween decoration can be hung anywhere!

6. Batty Handprint

This adorable craft begins with the youngsters making two handprints on a white piece of paper.

This should be completed with black finger paint, with their fingers going in opposite directions toward the paper’s outer edges.

When the bat is finished and cut out, the youngster should place it in the space between the handprints.

It can be left as is or embellished with wiggle eyes, glitter, sequins, or anything the child desires!

7. Classroom Fun With Bats

For this exciting classroom craft, begin by spray painting an empty wrapping paper cardboard black.

When the students have finished their bats, they should be cut from the pages and attached to the roll horizontally in a long row. Invisible glue works best for this.

Then, take a long piece of string or yarn and thread it through the roll. It can then be hung on the wall to look like a row of bats sitting on a branch.

8. A Funny Flock of Bats

A classroom can be decorated easily with bat coloring pages using this simple pattern.

Have the students glue their coloring pages to thin cardboard, and when the bats are finished, they should be carefully cut out and bent in half to look as if they are flying.

Using non-damaging wall putty, they can then be attached to the wall in a “flock” pattern.

This will look surprisingly real, and the youngsters will love it.

9. Bat on a Stick

This hilarious craft is an excellent choice for any age child and begins with giving each youngster a large craft stick.

When they have colored and cut out their bats, the midsection of the cutout should be folded down around the top of the craft stick and glued.

Then, a deep crease should be made about an inch out from the center on each side so that the wings flap up and down.

When the youngster shakes the stick, it will look as if the bat is “flying.”

10. A Spooky Bookmark

For this spooky craft, have the youngsters color a bat hanging upside down.

Then, cut a long strip from a piece of black cardstock and bend it in half.

Add two craft magnets so that the ends will pull together, and laminate the top of the strip with the bat cutout.

When folded over a page to mark a place in the book, it will look as if the bat is hanging there upside down!

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