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Bumblebee Coloring Pages (Free PDF Printables)

Gear up for a “transforming” adventure with these 24 Bumblebee coloring pages, free for you to download and print! With these pages, you can step right into the exciting world of Transformers, where Bumblebee, the heroic yellow Autobot, takes center stage with his agility and unwavering spirit.

In this selection, witness Bumblebee in his iconic Chevrolet Camaro form, his classic Volkswagen Beetle look, and in intense battle stances against Decepticons. Also included are illustrations of Bumblebee with Optimus Prime, moments of stealth, and high-octane chases through cityscapes!

To use any of these free printables, you can click on any of the below images or links to open the high-resolution PDF on a new page. From there, you can freely download or print to your heart’s content!

All these PDF coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes! Enjoy!

10 Craft Ideas To Do With Bumblebee Coloring Pages

Bumblebee is that famous transformer character that brings excitement wherever he goes.

If your child has lots of transformer coloring pages and needs some craft ideas, try these top ten.

1. Go Bumblebee Abstract

This craft is great for youngsters who want to let their imagination run wild. 

Using ordinary, thin cardboard, let the youngsters fashion various-size boxes and glue them together in any pattern they choose. 

The proportions don’t have to be perfect; the fun is seeing what they come up with.

Then, use the Bumblebee coloring pages to make the transformer come to life, and the child will have a terrific bureau or desktop ornament!

2. Make a Bumblebee Lantern

For this fun craft, use a thin, rectangular-shaped craft box and laminate it with the Bumblebee coloring page.

Then, cut a row of tiny slits down each of the four sides so that light can shine through.

Place a tea light inside the box and staple a long piece of yellow yarn to the top.

Hang this Bumblebee novelty lantern anywhere you want a pop of color.

3. Design a Bumblebee Headband

This fun craft is limited only by your youngster’s imagination! Begin with an ordinary strip of cardboard fashioned as a crown.

Next, let the child decorate it with a cutout from the finished coloring pages, keeping in mind that it doesn’t have to follow a particular pattern.

For example, Bumblebee’s headgear can be glued to the sides, and his red emblem is attached as the front piece.

Alternatively, the coloring page should be cut into squares and rectangles and glued to the headband collage-style. The fun is in coming up with something entirely unique!

4. Make a Homemade Umbrella Rest

Bumblebee is perfect for making a container to store umbrellas. 

Begin with a square plastic box, such as those used to store books or papers, and decorate it using Bumblebee cutouts from the finished pages.

Have the child add his or her initials, and make sure to seal the artwork in acrylic spray.

Place it near the front door to keep umbrellas handy when you’re headed out on a rainy day!

5. Bumblebee’s Laser

Bumblebee is often seen with other transformers using a laser. For this fun craft, the youngsters can have lasers of their own!

Using cardstock or even ordinary cardboard, have the children trace and cut out long, sword-shaped images to laminate with the finished coloring pages.

Add a long piece of yellow yarn to one end, stapling it fast. When it’s swung around, the yarn will look as if it’s a laser shooting at the enemies!

6. A Funny Bumblebee Craft

To make this comical craft, begin by cutting a square from cardstock, approximately 4” x 4”.

Next, when Bumblebee is finished and cut out, his arms and legs should be folded up accordion style so that it looks like he only has his head and body.

Then, a pipe cleaner should be twisted into a tight spiral and stapled to the back of the cutout. The other end should be stapled to the square of cardboard.

When shaken, the pipe cleaner spiral will make the accordion’s “legs and arms” extend and bounce up and down. This hilarious toy can be taken anywhere.

7. Laminate Toy Blocks

If your youngster has blocks like most children, it might be fun to give them a facelift with Bumblebee coloring pages!

Craft glue works best for this, and the blocks can be laminated with specific parts of the page, or the youngster can simply cut out strips and decorate them abstractly.

Whichever option the child chooses, just make sure to give the blocks a few coats of acrylic spray to seal in all that hard work!

8. Bumblebee Bodyguard

This fun craft is simple and easy to make and begins by spray painting two clothespins yellow with craft paint.

Next, when the youngster has finished coloring Bumblebee, he should be glued to stiff cardboard and cut out.

The clothespins should then be clipped to the bottom of the cutout, one on each of Bumblebee’s legs.

He will now stand on his own and can be placed anywhere the child wants a “bodyguard!

9. Bumblebee in the City

For this fun craft, have the youngsters draw a city on a black piece of poster board or construction paper, using chalk so that it looks realistic.

Then, slits can be made in different parts of the city, wherever the children want Bumblebee to appear.

When several characters are colored and cut out, craft sticks should be attached to their backs, and they can be positioned at various places in the “city.”

The children can have fun switching them around and creating different scenes!

10. Make a Bumblebee Mask

This fun craft is a perfect group activity but is also enjoyable when completed individually.

Have the youngsters color a full-face Bumblebee page and glue the page to thin cardboard.

Next, holes should be cut out for the eyes and mouth, and two holes should be punched on either side of the face.

When an elastic string is threaded through holes, the youngster can wear this terrific Bumblebee mask.


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