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Squid Game Coloring Pages (Free PDF Coloring Pages)

On this page, you’ll find a wide range of original Squid Game coloring sheets, from iconic moments in the show, loved characters, Minecraft/Among Us mashups, and tons more.

These free printable PDF coloring pages are great for adults and kids who love the TV show and want something creative to do, whether during a rainy day, a fun activity, or even for decorations!

Squid Game Coloring Pages Featured Image

Here is just a taste of what you will find down below! My two young boys love coloring, so I got their help to color in my illustrations. And don’t worry, they haven’t watched Squid Game! But that doesn’t stop them from knowing all about it by talking to their friends.

All the below coloring sheets are completely free to use and download. To begin, click on any of the images or links below for the PDF to open in a new tab.

All of these coloring pages are on standard US letter size, but they also fit perfectly onto A4 paper sizes too! Enjoy!

7 Reasons to Try Squid Game Coloring Sheets + Crafts

Squid Game is a Netflix Original series that teenagers and adults can’t stop raving about! I designed the above coloring pages based on this iconic series, so keep reading to learn why they’re fun to use and share with friends, and even some suggestions for things you can use them for.

1. It Allows You to Re-Visit the TV Series

While we love taking in Netflix Original content, the one downside to their TV shows is that they’re a little too easy to binge, making you get through them quickly. 

So, if you miss watching Squid Game, but it’s a little too early for a re-watch, downloading our coloring sheets based on this series is a great way to revisit your favorite characters.

I even have some coloring sheets catered to specific scenes from Squid Game episodes, so choose your favorite scene and re-live it using your own personal color palette.

2. Gives You Something to Do With Your Hands

If you’re a multitasker who can’t sit still when watching TV or YouTube, you may be looking for a small task to keep your hands busy while you relax.

So, if you’re a Squid Game fan, downloading and printing out my coloring pages is a great way to keep your brain working instead of defaulting to playing on your phone or device.

Further, if you’re relaxing while your kids are in the room, giving them a coloring sheet is a great way to keep them occupied (all of my Squid Game coloring sheets are kid-friendly).

3. A Calming Activity After Work

After a long day at work, many people feel stressed and tired and have a difficult time relaxing when they come home. 

However, many people find that engaging in a creative activity is a great way to wind down.

Therefore, if you enjoyed watching Squid Game after work, why not color in your favorite scenes and characters from the show?

This is a particularly good way to wind down if you tend to be a restless person, as activities like drawing and coloring give you something to focus on in a more relaxed environment. 

4. A Fun Activity With Friends and Family

If your friends and family are Squid Game fans, downloading and sharing these coloring pages is a great way to spend time together productively while geeking out about this Netflix thriller!

In addition to simply coloring in the pages, you can make it more fun by turning the pages into flashcards, guessing games, and other similar activities (more on this further below).

5. A Good Way to Enjoy an Inside Day

If you live in a colder climate, you likely experience a lot of rain and snow during the autumn and winter months, which between the cold and road conditions, can make going out difficult.

So, if you’re experiencing an inside day at home and are feeling a little bored, utilizing our Squid Game coloring pages is a great way to use your time!

6. Combines Your Other Multi-Media Interests

The Squid Game series has been featured on many platforms, from YouTube channels to custom Minecraft skins based on the characters from the show.

Therefore, spending your time coloring-in scenes and characters from this series enables you to enjoy this franchise, not just on TV, but also as a fun craft project. 

Additionally, I have designed some Squid Game coloring pages based on the Lego, Funko Pop, and Minecraft art styles.

So, if you enjoy video games or collecting franchise merch, you can further combine your different pop culture interests with the coloring pages mentioned above.

7. Fun Games With Squid Game Coloring Sheets

Of all the adult party games out there, cards are among the most popular. So, if you and your friends have been looking for Squid Game-themed activities, you could try making your own.

1. Guess the Scene/Dialogue

This is a great game to play with friends who are familiar with all the Squid Game episodes. 

Download, print, and color in a variety of our Squid Game coloring pages.

On the back of each picture, write down either a description of the scene the picture is from or the dialogue.

Set aside paper and pencils for each player.

To play the game: Have one player hold up one of the coloring pages (with the scene/dialogue facing them).

Get the other players to guess the dialogue or scene description by writing down their answers on the paper you set aside. 

Continue these steps until you’ve used every coloring page. The winner is the person who gets the most correct answers!

2. Picture/Caption Association 

In the same vein as Cards Against Humanity or What Do You Meme, try making your own picture/caption association cards using our Squid Game coloring pages.

Download and print out my selection of 28 coloring pages (we recommend changing the dimensions before printing to get smaller pictures) and color them in.

Paste the coloring pages onto index cards or card stock, and label the back of each card to differentiate the pictures from the caption cards (e.g., label the coloring pages as “memes”).

Next, come up with funny captions, dialogue, meme references, etc., to write on the caption cards. Make enough for each friend to have a sizeable card deck.

Play the game by having someone select a picture from the meme deck, and have every one choose which caption from their deck is the funniest or best matches the picture.

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